changing jobs

Are you thinking about changing your job? It if it is time for new beginnings then it is the best time to put your priorities in check. Start with some soul searching, proceed to creative networking and finish with method to investigate prospective companies. This are all brilliant strategies for acquiring a competitive edge in the job market. But getting a job entails more than being competitive. In these new globe of technology-online boards, career centers and an increasing number of complex websites it also implies knowing your way around. Below are some tips to help you in your quest to find a better job:

Take a personal inventory

job interview

Job hunting provides you with the chance to go back to square one and take an inventory all over again on what you are all about, what knowledge and skills you have acquired and what you want to do. Have you been happy in your profession? What would you desire to change? An inventory like this is the ideal job hunting method that has ever been created because it focuses on your talents and skills as well as your inner desires. You should start your job hunt by knowing your functional, transferable skills. This helps you to identify the necessary basic building blocks of your work.


Apply directly to an employer

Choose the employers that you are interested in the most from any source that is available for you such as yellow pages, web listings, newspapers and so forth. Ensure that you obtain their addresses. Go to their premises with your resume in hand.  Even if you do not know any person there, this job techniques is always successful half the time if you stay persistent and diligent and also go on with your pursuit over numerous weeks or months.

Search hidden job markets

dream jobNetworking is simply the hidden job market. Every time you make new contacts with an individual who is in line with your career interests, you create a possibility that he or she will lead you to more individuals or to the job that you are looking for. People are connected to each other by an endless number of pathway. A lot of these pathways are ready for you, but you must first activate them to ensure that they work to your advantage. Majority of the available jobs are in the hidden job market. They are not found in the classifieds. You can find by using your network of contacts.