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How to achieve job satisfaction

Once you have known the blend of status, power or intrinsic enjoyment that you require to have in your work in order for you to be satisfied, you can go ahead and work on the ingredients to create a job that satisfies you. The concept that you should understand in this case is that it is not about finding a job that goes in line with your blend but creating job satisfaction in the job that you have, hence discovering what is good for you. The following are tips on how to achieve job satisfaction:


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The first thing that you should equip yourself with in the quest to achieve job satisfaction is to know yourself. You need to have an understanding of your weaknesses and strengths. You need to understand your personality traits and your preferred method of working. This things are matters of the heart and they require intuitive thinking so as to know what you value and what keeps you motivated when you work and what you do not valued and what demotivates you. You are required to carry out this exercise with a neutral disposition without overanalyzing the results. We should appreciate and love ourselves for what we are and not bemoan for what we cannot be.



Every one of us thrives on challenges that are interesting. Various things challenge different people different moments. Even if the job that you have is not that challenging, you can make it a challenge to beat the performance record that you set before, you can also ask for new responsibilities which will provide you with the opportunity to stretch yourself. When we ask for responsibilities, your bosses will be more kind understanding with shortcomings. Additionally, ensure that you commit to professional development by taking online courses, reading books, distance learning and also attend seminars. Do not depend on your employer to do this for you. It is vital to keep your skills and knowledge fresh, relevant and current.


person workingThe most popular culprit of job dissatisfaction is boredom. This results in loss of interest and enthusiasm even in a good job. A lot of people get comfortable from the fact that the job is boring and chill for the human resource department to take cognizance. An initiative can be taken by asking to be transferred to another department, learning new skills, requesting for a new shift, volunteering to take on new task or just go on a sabbatical or leave.


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